“No, is this the beginning? At least tell me what I should do!” Wentworth said in a panic.

“Be careful not to meet Abernathy’s eyes, Wentworth!”

“Wentworth, think outside the box, think about something else, a mess, anything!”

The others were talking behind Wentworth.


At this time, Wentworth finally felt it was correct to insist on going to Hogwarts yesterday.

Although these guys in front of him are all experts in the magic world, they don’t know how to teach at all!

Sure enough, professional things must be left to professionals, and Hogwarts professors are more reliable for learning this kind of thing.

Speaking of teachers at Hogwarts, Wentworth suddenly thought, who is the teacher of this year’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class?

In this way, Wentworth survived Abernathy’s first Legilimencyby relying on his longing for many teachers in his previous life.

“Let’s come here first today, Wentworth. It would be best to rest a lot and practice Occlumency, but it’s exhausting. We’ll come back tomorrow.”

After Rosier finished speaking, he took everyone to bid Wentworth farewell, and Wentworth hurried to the bathroom after everyone left.

After returning to Rosier’s residence, Rosier couldn’t wait to turn her head and asked Abernathy, “Abernathy, what do you think of Wentworth’s talent? What can you expect from Legilimency?”

Hearing Rosier’s question, Abernathy’s face flushed, and it seemed a little hard to explain.

“Abernathy, what’s wrong with you? I just found out that when you were on Legilimency, you were blushing and sweating constantly.” The rosier expression changed as she asked Abernathy.

“Could it be that Wentworth’s talent is good enough to leave you speechless?” Someone asked curiously from the side.

And Abernathy was blushing, and it took a long time before he nodded and said, “That’s right, Wentworth’s talent is outstanding. I only got a few things from Legilimency at the beginning, but all of it went blurry and then blank after!”

After listening to Abernathy’s explanation, everyone’s face was joyful.

Although Wentworth, as the bloodline of the Grindelwald family, was the best candidate for the future leader of the Alliance, no one wanted to follow him if he proved to be weak.

Hearing the conclusion that Abernathy came to after his testing, everyone was satisfied and began to hope for the future again.

“Abernathy, what was Wentworth thinking in the first place? If it’s a secret that can’t be told to us, then forget it.” After a while, Rosier suddenly asked curiously.

“There’s nothing I can’t say. Wentworth was thinking at first that he didn’t know who this year’s Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was.” Abernathy thought for a moment and answered immediately.

“Sure enough, Wentworth still yearns for black magic!”

“Of course, who doesn’t look forward to powerful black magic? I dreamed of it back then! Wentworth could resist the temptation of Dark magic and asked to learn Occlumency. That’s for our sake.”

“By the way, was the Defense Against the Dark Arts class at Hogwarts cursed by the second-generation Dark Lord?”

“What second-generation Dark Lord? Do you think he deserves to be as famous as our leader just like that?”

Ignoring the rhetoric of taking others, Rosier showed a thoughtful expression after hearing about Hogwarts’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

Soon, everyone found that Rosier seemed to have fallen into deep thought, and the voice of the discussion could not help but decrease.

“Rosier, what’s wrong? Is there anything wrong?” Abernathy asked.

After Rosier slowly recovered, she turned to look at everyone and said firmly, “I see what Wentworth meant! Abernathy, I think Wentworth deliberately made you Legilimency to read his first thoughts!”

Seeing Abernathy’s blank expression, Rosier shook her head and continued to explain, “The Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher is the next step in Wentworth’s plan! He wants someone among us to be a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts!”

“Once one of us becomes a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, it’s great for us! First, we can protect Wentworth from close range within Hogwarts, and second, we can assist Wentworth in the next step of the plan. Third, people will know of our name!”

After listening to Rosier’s explanation, everyone suddenly realized.

Abernathy frowned and asked, “But will Dumbledore agree to our request to become professors at Hogwarts?”

Rosier said confidently, “If it’s other courses, Dumbledore may not, but Dumbledore is eager for someone to apply for the Defense Against the Dark Arts class!”

“After all, the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts is nothing more than a cursed position. Five professors, same results! The principal of any school can’t stand it!”

“But we are the Alliance party! Dumbledore recognizes our face!” A man from the crowd replied.

“Haven’t you heard of Polyjuice Potion?” Rosier said mischievously.

Hearing this, everyone understood why Rosier was so confident and praised Rosier’s quick thinking.

On the other hand, Rosier sighed deeply, shook her head, and said, “No, these are all hints Wentworth gave us. The reason why I don’t know is that Wentworth is still hesitating.”

“After all, the professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts is a high-risk profession, but all this, presumably part of Wentworth’s plan.”

Hearing this, Abernathy stood up and said, “I’ll go! I used to work in the US Congress and received an orthodox magic education. Serving as a school professor is not a big problem.”

But as soon as Abernathy’s voiced his wish, someone retorted, “Who are you to jest! I am also a Durmstrang School of Witchcraft and Wizardry graduate and received an orthodox magical education. Besides, my strength is stronger than yours, and I can help Wentworth even more!”

“If you talk about strength, then let’s test it out…” The voice of another man came from the crowd.

Soon the room is filled with their voices, each nominating who shall go to Hogwarts to help Wentworth himself.

“Enough!!” Rosier shouted.

Seeing that the scene was slowly turning chaotic, Rosier roared, making everyone quiet.

“The Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts is obviously an important part of Wentworth’s plan. It requires not only strength but also finesse. After all, we will be under Dumbledore’s watchful eyes!”

“Just look at you! Fighting amongst yourselves like a mindless buffoon, Wentworth has given a hint, yet this is how you all act. How can I rest assured to let you go? When you go, I am afraid that you will hold Wentworth back instead of helping him.”

“This time, I’ll go in person!” Rosier looked out the window and said decisively.

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Published On: August 17, 2023

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