Simon felt like he had experienced an incredibly long dream.

Countless scenes and characters flashed through his mind, along with numerous names that gave him a headache.

Suddenly, a word crossed his mind, bringing back clarity—Hogwarts!

When Simon opened his hazy eyes, he saw a tall man holding a wand, standing before him with a sarcastic expression.

“Quite impressive, the man who shares a surname with him can regain consciousness so quickly after being hit with my Crucio,” the man sneered.

After some moments, his brain finally registered the man before him.

The man is seen holding a stick, but it’s not an ordinary stick… It’s a magic wand!

As an avid Harry Potter fan, Simon is confused about whether he should be happy or sad about his current situation.

Simon realized he was just inches away from the wand he had always dreamed of, but his joy was short-lived as the wand’s owner pointed it at him.

With a quick scan of his surroundings, Simon noticed several other men searching the room.

Nearby, a House-elf with bat-like ears and protruding green eyes lay motionless on the floor.

Simon recognized it from the Harry Potter books as a House-elf.

Not too long ago, Simon remembered watching the premier of Fantastic Beast with his friends, but after the lights went off, he suddenly found himself here.

A chunk of the main body’s memory Simon is currently residing in suddenly gives him flashbacks of who he was, giving a clue on the House-elf lying before him.

A House-elf called Libby had stayed with him and cared for him after his parents died in a car accident.

If it’s not for Libby, the body’s owner might be living a life of a homeless person.

“Hey, brat! I bet you know the location of the skull is! Be nice to me, and I’ll give you a treat!”

The man before Simon demanded the “Skull Hookah” from him, waving his wand impatiently.

Simon still trying to make sense of what’s currently happening before suddenly.


When Simon hesitated to answer, the man slapped him, leaving a burning mark.

“I’ll ask you one last time, where is the Skull located? If you don’t spit it out, you might be lucky to get a third chance!”

The man threatened to use the Crucio again if Simon didn’t comply, but another person suddenly appeared beside Simon before he could do so.

“I believe I saw you slap him just now,” said a silver-haired elderly woman with a top hat and noble attire.

“Drop your wands!” the older woman asked them sternly.

The man attempted to raise his wand in defense, but the old lady swiftly disarmed him.

She warned that they were surrounded and threatened to use her magic against them.

“My name is Rosier, Vinda Rosier, from the Alliance.” the old lady introduced herself.

Simon was still in shock from the situation before him, but he remembered his body’s name—Wentworth.

Rosier assured Wentworth that everything would be fine.

Simon, now Wentworth, realized that Rosier had run a clothing store nearby until recently.

“G—Grandma Rosier?” Wentworth said in a soft voice.

“Wentworth, it’s alright, don’t worry,” Rosier said softly.

Turning to the man, Rosier scolded him for knowing Wentworth’s identity and daring to threaten him.

Although the man’s eyes showed fear, he remained defiant, warning Rosier that she couldn’t handle all of them.

“Old lady, I suggest you put your wand down if you still want to see another day!” The man threatened Rosier.

Rosier looked at the man, and slowly, a smile formed on her face. The smile turned into laughter, leaving the man and his group baffled.

“I don’t know which group or party you came from, but seeing this means you don’t know the slightest about us,” Rosier explained with a smile on her face.

“Because if you know anything about us, you would either get rid of us as quickly as possible or change your form and run away.” As Rosier finished her explanation with a smug smile, the air changed around them.

Just then, several figures appeared in the room out of thin air—elders with gray hair but sharp eyes, each holding a wand with a firm grip.

The sight shocked the other party, who tried to raise their wands but were quickly subdued.

“Avada Kedavra!”

With a flash of green light, Rosier’s black magic eliminated all of them except one man who remained alive.

“Don’t you know black magic is what we’re best at?” Rosier declared.

Simon was astonished to witness the magic he had only dreamt of before now being used before his eyes.

He had somehow found himself in the world of Harry Potter, and his luck had led him into a perilous situation.

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Published On: August 13, 2023

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