“This should be Harry Potter.” Nick Lemay’s eyes turned to Harry, “This is the first time we have met, and I have not thanked you personally. Last year, you helped protect the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

Harry said, “It’s not only me, sir; my friends also helped with it.”

“Oh, yes.” Flamel said with a smile, “I also want to thank your friends. Please help me express my gratitude to them.”

“I will, sir.”

Flamel’s smile gradually faded. “It’s time for this to end. After I destroyed the Sorcerer’s Stone, some fragments still retain their magic power.”

“I wrote to a few old friends that I used to know and told them that they could ask their favorite juniors to come and take one, but I don’t how when the news was spread to the point there were many people who think they have a good relationship with me and let their people come to find me, hoping to get one from me.”

“There are only three fragments that still retain some effect.” He pulled three fragments from his pocket.

From the outside, the real fragments look like ordinary red stones on the ground, far less gorgeous than the fake ones.

“You have helped a lot, so I’m giving you all these fragments and saving others from coming to me to trouble me for this thing.” Flamel handed the three fragments to Sherlock’s hands. Sherlock did not refuse. He took it and looked at the fragments with some doubts.

“Mr. Flamel, do the fragments do anything?”

Flamel explained to him, “These fragments still retain some of the properties. If you add the fragments into a potion when making one, it can enhance the effect of the potion itself. When you soak it directly in water, you can also make water that is enough to cure most injuries and even better than Phoenix’s tears in some ways.”

The stone’s main effect of turning stone into gold is gone, the effect of making elixir has been greatly increased, and it has become a tool that can only be used for healing.

But even so, these few fragments can definitely be called a good thing. At least if Snape knew, he would definitely do everything possible to buy it from them.

“The rest of the people who came to Paris for this and were deceived will be compensated with something so that they do not come back empty-handed.”

After Flamel had everything set up, he got up from the sofa, “My wife still needs me, and thank you again for your help, Sherlock and Harry. When you return to Hogwarts, please send my regards to Albus.”

He then left the room, passed the fireplace of the Ministry of Magic, and returned to Germany. After that, Harry and Sherlock received an award from the French Ministry of Magic—a medal for each of them, which was also very memorable.

After everything was settled, Sherlock and Harry did not go back to Fleur’s Manor to say goodbye to her. Instead, he handed over one of the fragments of the Sorcerer’s Stone to Mr. Delacour, who was working in the Ministry of Magic, and asked him to pass it on to Fleur.

In the Delacour Manor, Fleur woke up in the afternoon. Madame Delacour did not use a spell on her to wake her up but let her sleep a little longer. Fleur opened her eyes from the bed in her bedroom. She stared at the ceiling for a while and suddenly sat up.

She hurriedly put on her slippers, rushed out of the bedroom to the living room, and asked her mother, “Mom, why am I at home?”

She told her about how the two thieves were caught this morning and took the fragment from her pocket.

“This is from your father, saying that Sherlock asked him to hand it over to you on your behalf and told you that if you have the opportunity to go to England in the future, you can find them as they are willing to be your guides.”

Fleur took the fragment from Madame Delacour’s hand. She stared blankly at the red stone in her palm, and after a long time, she regained her senses and asked, “Are they still in Paris?”

“They seem to have left. I heard your Dad say they plan to travel to Sweden and then go straight back to England.”

Fleur’s mood was mixed. She took the fragment back to her bedroom with a dejected feeling, lay on the bed, held it up, looked at it for a long time, and mumbled something in her mouth.

“I also want to go to Sweden with them…”


“Thanks.” After taking a photo with Harry under the Eiffel Tower, Sherlock took the camera back from a passerby and thanked him politely.

With a hat on his head and an ice cream in his hand, Harry followed Sherlock.

“Are we going to Versailles next, Professor?” Sherlock checked the film in the camera, looked at the time on his watch, and thought for a moment.

“Forget it. It’s just a palace, and there is nothing to see. Let’s go straight to the next stop while it’s not too late.”

“What shall we have for dinner then? Foie gras? Grilled elbow? Or steak?”

“If you eat too much thing, you’ll turn into your cousin later.”

“I will never become like him!”

“You just want to get your chances while with me, aren’t you?”

They got back to the car. Sherlock spread out the map and looked for their next stop.

“We should be able to get to Troyes by seven in the evening, spend the night there, and go straight to Lyon tomorrow and Geneva the day after.”

Sherlock decided on their next plan, but Harry’s face turned pale. This was the first time on this trip that Sherlock had made such a detailed plan and said it directly.

“Professor, don’t you feel that sometimes what you think will end up with the opposite result?” Harry organizes his words, trying to tell Sherlock that his mount is full of jinx.

Sherlock heard Harry’s words and stared at him, “What? You think that my words are a bad omen?”

Harry hesitated for a moment and nodded cautiously, “In a sense, it is.”

“I remember when we were fighting the basilisk, you said the same thing. You kept begging me to shut up or something. You are a student of Hogwarts. Why do you believe in such a thing?” Sherlock complained while driving on the road.

He doesn’t understand why Harry and the others feel that his mouth is a bad omen. Although some things are coincidental, they can’t take coincidence as a rule.

Harry saw that Sherlock still didn’t believe it and didn’t give up. He had to travel with Sherlock for a long time. If he hadn’t made things clear and suddenly said, “I believe you can live a healthy and happy life, Harry,” Harry might have been dead in the next few days.

“If you don’t believe me, we can do an experiment.” Harry pointed to a bird flying in the sky and asked Sherlock.

“Do you think this bird can safely land on a tree?”

Sherlock looked at the bird that was gliding and shrugged, “That bird didn’t get hurt and didn’t fly toward the road. Why couldn’t it land on a tree safely?”

“Now that you’ve said it, It’s going to happen soon.”

Sherlock looked at Harry’s expression and wondered if Harry was under some strange spell when he wasn’t paying attention. He parked the car on the side of the road and had to prove it to himself today. The two got out of the car and squatted on the side of the road, staring at the bird in the sky.

The bird seemed to have broken away from its group. It hovered back and forth for several minutes, flapping its wings in the sky, and landed on the tree on the side of the road.

Harry was completely stunned. This isn’t supposed to happen.

He turned to stare at Sherlock, and Sherlock turned to stare at him as if asking him if he had anything to say.

“No!” Harry argued, “This time, it must be because the chances of it landing safely are too high; let’s try again!”

He looked around again and saw another bird in the sky, “From the bottom of your heart, do you think that bird can land safely, Professor?”

Sherlock murmured, staring at the owl that was getting closer to them.

“Not only do I think this bird can land safely, but why do I feel that they’re looking at us?”

The next second, the owl flew to them in midair and landed on the roof of the car. Harry was even more stunned, and he couldn’t even speak about what was going on.

Not only did his jinx not work, but he predicted what would happen later. Sherlock didn’t care about his reaction, but he took a letter from the owl, opened it, and read it quickly.

His brows furrowed deeply. He folded the letter and put it in his pocket. After the owl saw that he had the letter, it flapped its wings again and flew into the sky.

Sherlock took Harry into the car, “Something went wrong. I’m afraid our trip is coming to an end shortly.”


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