In the Three Broomstick Inn.

Sherlock and Silk were sitting there with a cup of warm black tea in front of them and a plate of cookies in the middle of the table. On the other side of the window, the rain was still pouring down, and there were no signs of stopping.

Silk sipped the tea without saying a word while Sherlock stared at the rain outside the window in a daze. As Dumbledore’s designated bodyguard, Sherlock couldn’t go back alone.

He only has four classes a week, and now he has a lot of free time. Drinking afternoon tea in the Inn and watching the rain is quite relaxing. It’s just that the scene has been silent, and the atmosphere is a bit awkward.

Sherlock had to take the initiative to find a topic, “How’s your two colleagues? I remember one named Henri.”

Silk specifically ordered to cover the bottom of the cup with tea leaves, so when she took the last few sips, the tea was very bitter. Even if she couldn’t see her face, he could tell from her sips that she wasn’t able to enjoy the taste, but she still drank all the tea in the end.

“They’re staying in a hotel.”

Sherlock watched her begin to focus on the tea residues at the bottom of the cup, knowing that she was about to start another divination. He didn’t bother but turned his eyes. This was the first time he had seen the whole process of fortune-telling performed directly.

Overall, it looks nothing special. She just stared at the tea all the time. It’s just that her divination didn’t seem to go well this time. She maintained this for half an hour and did not respond.

Sherlock slowly ate the cookies on the plate, and the tea in the cup was refilled for a third time. After this afternoon tea, he didn’t need to eat any more dinner. Finally, when the rain stopped, and the sky became darker as evening approached, she sighed and stood up from her chair.

Sherlock also got up and shrugged, “Today is actually not bad. Although we got nothing, at least nothing bad happened.”

When he got up, he accidentally touched a corner of the table, causing the table to shake and the tea residue in the cup to shift.

Silk was suddenly stunned. She stared at the tea residue in the cup, whose orientation had been changed, and seemed to see a dog. She suddenly raised her head and said to Sherlock seriously.

“Save your words for next time when we’re not here.”

She turned around and walked quickly towards the outside of the bar. Sherlock saw that she must have discovered something, didn’t care about the somewhat rude words she said, and walked out of the Inn with her.

The rain had just stopped, and the air was still a little gloomy. Her footsteps were quick, and her leather boots stepped on the puddles. Splashed mud stained the hem of her robe, but she didn’t care.

Sherlock followed her in a hurry, “What are you looking for?”

“Dog, a black dog.”

Sherlock was stunned for a moment. He remembered the black dog he saw next to the trash can in the alley on the first day he came to Hogsmeade.

He grabbed her arm, “I know where the dog is.”

They came to a remote alley, like a place where residents in a small town dispose of garbage. There were five trash cans, and in the shadowy corner behind one of them, there was a black dog. The dog lay on the ground and seemed to be sleeping. They did not get too close but stood at a distance and stared at it.

“So what’s so special about this dog?” Sherlock asked.

Silk stared at the dog with her eyes, and her voice became calm again, “It will lead us to some clues.”

Sherlock slowly drew out his wand, “Maybe your divination is right, but first, we need to make sure it doesn’t run away.”

After running around all night to check whether the secret passage in the past can still be used, Sirius is very tired now. He hadn’t had a good night’s sleep or eaten a meal during the days when Dementors and the Aurors were chasing him.

It suddenly started to rain again, and Sirius could only lie down, trying his best to let himself fall asleep and recover his strength. He has determined that most of those secret passages are intact, so he plans to wait for the right opportunity, sneak into Hogwarts, catch the betrayer, and kill him.

In his sleep, he seemed to be dreaming about Peter and was torturing him in the most cruel way in the world, forcing him to ask him why he betrayed James in the first place. However, at this moment, a feeling rose in his heart.

Sirius suddenly woke up, and when he opened his eyes, he realized that an iron cage was slowly forming around him. His heart was tense, and he thought that his disguise had been discovered. He suddenly jumped up with all the strength of his limbs, trying to jump out of the cage that was not fully formed.

But Sherlock was quicker than him.

The Transfiguration quickly completed the final steps and completely blocked Sirius’ movement. Inside the iron cage, Sirius’s eyes looked desperate. If he is captured this time, there is a high probability that the Ministry will not imprison him in Azkaban again but will directly reward and execute him.

Sirius is not afraid of death. He is afraid that no one will know Peter Pettigrew’s true intentions after he dies. He disguises himself as a mouse and lurks around Harry Potter. Who knows what he will do in the future?

After successfully catching the dog, Sherlock and Silk came close to the cage and stared at Sirius.

Sherlock stroked his chin, “There’s something different about this dog. He has such human-like features. He reminds me of Hagrid’s dog.”

Sirius heard Sherlock’s words and suddenly reacted with shock. It was only then that he noticed that Sherlock and Silk were not dressed in the usual Aurors uniform.

He still remembered what Sherlock looked like. When he first came to Hogsmeade, he saw the Auror interrogate him with his own eyes and remembered that he was a professor at Hogwarts.

So, he hasn’t been found out. There is a chance for him to escape, and Sirius sees hope.

He was wagging his tail in the cage, sticking his tongue out, trying his best to look like a normal dog. Sherlock looked at the dog. After being caught by him, at first, it shows that the dog was desperate, but now it looks more positive than before.

“It looks smart. We’ll have to be careful. We must not let it escape.”

Sirius’s expression froze instantly. His tongue was half stretched out, not retracting it, and he continued to wag his tail. She ignored Sherlock’s words but stared at Sirius with her eyes.

“Did you find anything unexpected in this town the night before yesterday?” She asked the dog.

At the same time, her question also reminded him of the scene he accidentally saw the night he first came to Hogsmeade, in the middle of the night when the owner of the Quill store was killed.

Sirius knew that there was a recent murder in Hogsmeade, but he couldn’t deal with his situation, so how could he have the energy to kill others?

Sirius breathed a sigh of relief when he understood what they were looking for. As long as his identity was not discovered, he could accept this fate.

He moved his tail more cheerfully, signaling that he could take them somewhere. They couldn’t communicate in words and didn’t understand what he was expressing by wagging their tails, but Sherlock also knew that he needed to let this dog move freely first.

He stretched out his wand and hit the iron cage, causing it to shrink rapidly. The cage then turned into a leash, tightly binding Sirius, and Sherlock was holding the end of the leash. A cautious approach directly made Sirius completely give up and just led them in a direction.

Sherlock led the dog on the leash, Silk followed him, and Sirius led the way. The three went all the way to another bar in Hogsmeade.

Hog’s Head Inn.

An old and dirty bar, the bartender’s service attitude is also poor, and it is far less eye-catching than Madam Rosmerta from the Three Broomsticks Inn.

But the people who come to this bar are often people from weird places. You can get to know some wizards who were involved in suspicious things, and this is often the place where they conduct illegal transactions.

Sirius did not take Sherlock and Silk into the bar but turned a corner and entered the bar’s backyard.

It looks messy here. Piles of broken wine barrels have been placed on the floor for many years, and old dining tables and stools are thrown everywhere.

Sirius stopped moving after he came here, and that night, he saw something strange appeared here. Sherlock and Silk looked around, and soon, they found a few yellow straws in the corner.


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